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About Me


Welcome to my MKMMA Blog.

I was born and raised in  Connecticut.  Although being an albino has shown me the underbelly of people I would much prefer to appreciate all of the good things I have  encountered in life and look to turn what might be a negative into a positive.  Even my low vision, a challenge at times has not kept me down.  I firmly believe that my life has set the stage for my MKMMA experience.  You see I have alway thought differently and almost never let NO stand in my way.  When I was a relatively new dad and no money I purchased a vacation home on Martha’s Vineyard.  I barely knew it was an island.  My first primary home was purchased with no money down.

My creativity is my calling card.  People are attracted to my creative spirit.  You could say, and they do, that I am the go to guy for the new idea or the creative solution.  My brain doesn’t seem to stop.  I have been called intense because when I get going I can really get going.

I live in St Paul, MN with my lovely and vibrant wife Coralie, our English Springer Spaniel-Mitchell and our cat.  I call him the interloper because he was a stray that my wife took in.

We are remodeling a 1915 bungalow in the inner city.  Money pit perhaps but it’s our money pit.  🙂  Again, another home purchased with virtually no money down.  See a pattern?

We have been traveling to Maui every year for the last 7 years.  It is our slice of paradise.  And yes, that’s in my DMP.

In almost everything that I do I try to see the good, the positive–what could be.  So I hope that you enjoy my MKMMA blog and the journey that we are on.  Constructive  feedback is welcome.  Oh and I will say it right now that I am the king of typos so forgive me if I have one or two now and again.





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