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Week 15. Believe–Feel the rhythm, feel the ride….

I have seen three of the four movies in the past but I re-watched Cool Runnings for the assignment this week. An unlikely team of runners competing in the most unlikely Olympic sport for them–bobsledding. Truly an inspirational film on so many levels.

They had to change their entire perspective just to get the opportunity to compete. Sand to ice.

Attempted something that had never been done but they believed that they could

They visualized winning and overcame insurmountable odds that the literal mind could not fathom. They had to change their whole way of thinking.

There’s a mirror scene where one play is coached to utilize the power inside himself–they learn to look and see pride and power that wont take crap from anyone. Of course I am reminded that you have to have the will, determination and belief backed up with practice of the right things.

The film is a strong reminder that we all have to look inside–  to the power within in order to have a chance to aspire to our true goals and desires.

We learn that the coach had made winning his whole life but along the way he lost his way. During an inspirational moment the coach says to a team member –If you are not enough without it, you will never be enough with it.” meaning you have to have a purpose that is true to you and winning is only the icing on the cake, otherwise it means nothing. We all see some many people with great wealth that are as far from happy as one can imagine.

Cool Runnings is a metaphor for life in so many ways.  Creating a DMP–get to the Olympics and represent their country–first through track but through a turn of events–bobsledding.

So I watched Rudy again.  Another great one.  Rudy did every and anything he had to do to get to and play on the Norte Dame team. Believe just pure through every moment.  Believing in those things unseen–faith is the fiber that binds every second of this film.  Even when Rudy has to try to set up a girl that is out of his league for a friend he has not fear.  Even though he is not a student he acts as though he is a student.  Living his future self so to speak and putting himself in student situations whenever he can.   Shining the team helmets is good enough for him to see, touch, smell and see his dream.  He walked in the steps of his future self each and every day believing with every breath.

We see Rudy as compared to his brother who went to work in the factory-living his father’s safe dream and never knowing his own purpose.  And even though he only got to play in two plays at the very end of the game he lived and stepped into his dream.

I was struck by how his team mates played a key role.  Much like the concept of masterminding.  As we have learned, we need to have two or more acting in harmony as part of our process in attaining our goals.

In Cool Runnings, the Jamaican team was grateful to represent their country.  Rudy, however didn’t grasp gratefulness until the end.  He missed the benefits of all that he had accomplished during his quest to play for ND.

After re-seeing these two movies I am certainly feeling the rhythm, feeling the ride….